Preparing for your Appointment

carpet cleaning appointment Lexington

Getting ready for your carpet cleaning appointment

Getting ready for your carpet cleaning appointment Lexington.

Preparing for your carpet cleaning appointment –

What to do to prepare for your carpet cleaning appointment Lexington.

Our truck is large so please have a place ready for us to park as you prepare for your carpet cleaning appointment Lexington.

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*Have a spot ready for us to park– in front of your house or in your driveway, our truck is large and takes up quite a bit of space.  Once we have our equipment set up and we are ready to clean it is difficult to move our truck without unhooking hoses, etc.  So if you think you might need your vehicle out of the garage- please pull it out before we arrive.

Other things to consider when you prepare for you carpet cleaning appointment Lexington, KY.

Pets and your carpet cleaning appointment.

*If you have pets, it is best to have a spot for them prior to our arrival.  When we set up to do your cleaning- your door will be open just enough to allow for our solution and vacuum hoses.  That is also just enough space for Fluffy or Fido to make a quick escape at the time of your carpet cleaning appointment Lexington, KY.

Breakable items on furnishings.

*Please remove any breakables from coffee tables and end tables etc., from pieces you would like moved.  We do not move any of the following- beds, extremely large or extremely heavy items.  Electronics including TV’s, stereos, computers, etc.  The cleaning wand can reach under some beds to a certain extent.  Please have dust ruffles raised off the floor if you would like us to reach under bedding with the cleaning wand.

Moving entire rooms or areas of furniture.

*Moving entire rooms of furniture takes extra time and additional product.  If you would like us to provide this service of moving entire rooms of furniture, cleaning under pieces and placing pieces back on protective coasters, there is a small fee.  The reason for the additional fee- is the extra time involved and also the additional products required.

**Charge of $10 additional per area for moving entire rooms of furniture.  This service is provided with our Ultimate Package.  Get a description of our Ultimate Package here at  Carpet Cleaning Lexington page. 

***If you only have a couple of pieces to slide around and clean under- that is not a problem- I will provide that service at no charge.

What package did you choose?

*Different packages can be viewed HERE.  If you are choosing our Value Package- please have all areas vacuumed and furnishings you would like cleaned under moved, furnishings that you do not want moved, we can easily work around those.  If you are choosing our Ultimate Package- vacuuming and moving of furnishings is included.  You can view the descriptions of both packages here at Carpet Cleaning Lexington.

 After your carpet cleaning appointment.

**After your  carpet cleaning appointment Lexington— is complete, dry times are normally 3 to 4 hours.  Dry times may vary, depending on the soiling level of your carpeting.  However, most are dry within 3 to 4 hours.  Please Do NOT move anything back on to the carpeted areas that have been cleaned until the carpet is completely dry.