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Refer Us Clients LexingtonTEC Carpet Cleaning Lexington, KY Referral Program



As you may know- advertising is very expensive.  I have built my business by providing great service and doing a great job.  After you use my service, I would appreciate you telling your friends and family about my business.  For each person you refer- that becomes a client of mine.  I will allow you a $10 credit to use in the future for my services.  Most of my clients- will refer 2 to 3 people-and the next time they use my service, I credit them $10 for each client they referred.  This is a great way to help me and for you to save a little in the process.

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It’s really easy to do.  At the bottom of this page is a list of share buttons, simple choose how you would like to share my business and press the appropriate button.  If your friend or family member becomes a client you will SAVE!  Just let me know who you referred on your next service visit and I will take that amount off the total of your invoice. 

Thank you for helping me build my business.