Mattress Cleaning Lexington

Mattress Cleaning LexingtonMattress Cleaning in Lexington

Mattress Cleaning is something most people take for granted.  Your bed and your bedroom is where you spend a great deal of time in your home.  Listed below are a couple of reasons why not having your mattress cleaned on a regular basis could cause you and your loved ones some difficulties with allergies in your home.  A good time to schedule your mattress cleaning, is when we are already in your home, doing your carpet cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning, is important- this is why.

Dust mites live on dead skin that fall off while you are asleep. It is not the dust mite itself that can be harmful, but the fecal matter from the dust mite.  This substance is lighter than air and becomes airborne as you toss and turn in the night.  As you breathe this in- it can make your breathing difficult and cause you not to feel well.  I bet after reading this, you are ready to schedule your mattress cleaning.

Indoor air pollution ranks consistently among the top five environmental risks to public health. The average person sleeps eight hours a day- so shouldn’t your mattress be clean?  If you have any questions, give us a call- I will be glad to answer your questions concerning mattress cleaning.

Call Take Extra Care- we can help with your indoor air quality.  You will sleep better at night.

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Mattress Cleaning in Lexington KY Pricing

Single (Twin)     $50

Double                 $60

Queen                  $70

King                     $80