Restorative Carpet Cleaning Lexington

Restorative Carpet Cleaning LexingtonRotovac 360i Restorative Carpet Cleaning

The New Rotovac 360i Represents Today’s Latest State of the Art Technology in Carpet Cleaning.

We clean carpet everyday using the standard scrub wand and in most cases it does a fine job.  As you can see by the picture comparing the two–when the carpet is extremely soiled you need a little more power than is humanly possible to create with the scrub wand.  We let the machine do the work for us.  If you need restorative carpet cleaning..

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When we use the Rotovac 360i for these extreme conditions it does take a little longer to complete your job– so the price is a little higher than our service with the scrub wand. 

Take a look at the pictures below, I was able to help property owners SAVE MONEY by CLEANING and NOT Replacing!  They were very excited about that.  Here are just a couple of photos of some restorative carpet cleaning- I have done in the Lexington area.

Rotovac carpet cleaning LexingtonRotovac commercial carpet cleaning

You will not need the Rotovac 360i Restorative Carpet Cleaning, if your carpet is not heavily soiled.

If your carpet is not heavily soiled then you will not need the Rotovac 360i restorative carpet cleaning service.  The Rotovac 360i is typically used for restorative type cleanings and is not required if you have just normal everyday traffic and soil.  Our standard scrub wand steam cleaning service will be perfect for you.

Pricing for the Rotovac 360i Restorative Carpet Cleaning in the Lexington KY area

*(3) Area minimum $135 each additional area is $45.  *An area is anything up to 200 square feet.

Be sure to check our Coupon Page, we might be running a special for our Rotovac Service.

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