Tile Stripping and Waxing Lexington, KY

Tile Stripping and Waxing for your VCT Floors.

Your floors are an important part to the overall appearance of your business. Having them maintained on a routine basis, not only helps your business look great, it really makes a good impression on your clients.  When you call us to do your tile stripping and waxing service- your VCT floors will look fantastic.

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How often do you recommend the tile stripping and waxing service, for vct floors?

That is a very good question and to give you a good answer, I would need to ask some questions.  It is going to depend on the amount of traffic on your vct floors.  Another question I would have is what maintenance plans are in place for your vct floors?  I have clients that use our services for tile stripping and waxing, several times a year.  I have other clients that use our service for tile stripping and waxing, for their vct floors- one time a year.  Give me a call and we can discuss different options to keep your vct tile floors looking great year round.

Tile Stripping and Waxing Lexington

How much will it cost to have the  Tile Stripping and Waxing Lexington services performed on my VCT Floors?

That is a good question, but it will depend on a couple of different things.  The first one is, of course the square footage of vct flooring that we will be stripping and waxing.  Another factor that can influence the price, is if you have had a service provider coming in to service your vct floors and they have not completely stripped and waxed the vct floors.  What a lot of service providers do, is to come in and clean the floor and then apply another coat of finish.  This makes the floor look pretty good for a while, the problem is that when they do this over and over again- the wax or floor finish builds up, making it much more difficult to do a proper strip and wax job- without a lot of extra work.  To get back to the question of how much is tile stripping and waxing- if you can provide me with the length and width of the areas that you are wanting to have done- I can give you a pretty good idea of the costs involved to do the service.  The only difference would be what I mentioned above, if wax or floor finish build up is a problem, I may have to adjust the price a little- for the extra time that will be involved to perform the service of tile stripping and waxing properly.

Take Extra Care of Lexington, KY has you covered when it comes to maintaining your VCT Tile for your business.  We will have your floors looking like new.

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